Caring for Dogs, its what we do!  Look below to see which one of our services suits the needs of you and your pooch best.  If you’re not seeing what you're looking for, please drop us a line and if we cant help you - we’re always happy to do our best at pointing people in the right direction!


You get them home. You get them set up with a new bed and some toys. You bond. Then it dawns on you: you have to go back to work! This is where we come in. We have been guiding puppies through to doghood for nearly ten years. Yeah, we’re getting pretty good at it!

20 minutes split between outside time, play time, training (if a program is started) a snack or a meal, clean up if necessary and CUDDLES!!!!

Group Walks

The work day can be a long one for your pooch at home but we have you covered!

Your pride and joy can break up his/her day by hooking up with some pals for a group walk.  Plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs, get their business done and some top notch socialization.

45-60 minutes of party time with groups of 2-6 like-minded dogs. We offer mostly leash walking with some off leash park visits


Not all people like to be surrounded by others at all times. Some dogs are the same. For when you need a little space around you but you still want the stimulation of a trip outside - it’s They Walk Dogs to the rescue!!!

20 minutes of dedicated YOU-time.  If power walking is your thing, or just some sniffing and strolling.  Your pooch decides the pace on this walk.